A visit to an Andean Ayacha (curandero / shaman) in the Andes Mountains Ecuador March 2020

This was one of the most memorable days of my life. I would like to share this story with you. The only photo I have of the day is the one below.

I will try to challenge myself to make a video telling this story. So far I have only shared it with close friends and I tell some of the story here: in my interview with Sophie and the Soulfinders.

In the meantime I will leave this post here to remind myself to challenge myself to write this experience out for the world. If you actually read this, give me a nudge to finish it:)

Who is MayFly? Courtney Tyler’s previous life as a jewellery maker, market-trader and shopkeeper

Some people think that my name is May, those who have never met me may know me on Facebook as May Fly but really this name only came about as it was the name of my very creative love-child- a shop in Temple Bar, Dublin.

I made quirky, eccentric jewellery, steampunk jewellery, silver and gemstone jewellery, cufflinks and upcycled art and collaborated with other artists and craftworkers.

Even more fun, I travelled around the world for supplies, stones, and creative pieces from other designers. I regularly went to Indonesia and Thailand and I look back at these days with a nostalgia and a longing that plays out in many dreams at night, to return.

As I am going through a lot of old files and photos I thought I would share some bits of what May Fly once was- as it all feels very far away now and a life that once was. My new life journey and path is immensely fulfilling, however- a part of me is constantly feeling the itch to return to making- and to find myself a workshop studio. I still have a whole library bus workshop in Wicklow filled with supplies and materials and treasures to return to create such things from time to time. It won’t be anytime too soon yet, but who knows, one day maybe!

RTÉ Radio Countrywide Suzanne Campbell Fungi Foraging Courtney Tyler

I met up with Suzanne Campbell for a forage and chat around Devil’s Glen and we spoke about mushroom foraging in Ireland.

Have a listen here:


It’s harvest time on farms in many parts of the country & it is also harvest time for wild foods & a growing interest in them. Foraging for blackberries, elderberries and sloes is already happening along country lanes and this week Suzanne Campbell met up with a mushroom forager to learn more about picking wild mushrooms.

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Testimonials and feedback from past participants of Hips and Haws Wildcrafts events

This photo was taken at Dulra at the Permaculture Design Course where I have been a speaker for the past 4 years in Glenealy, Co. Wicklow. This was June 2020.

With so much gratitude to all of my connections and customers who allow me to live out the dream of working with sharing my greatest passions. Thank you!

You can click the link below to read the reviews directly on Facebook or some of them have been added below.


Had a wonderful time at Courtney’s workshop learning about wild food and medicines. Fun, informative and inspiring. Beautiful blend of stories, science, skills and plant magic. Evidently rooted in both experience and study, very grateful for the knowledge and skills she shares, which makes forging seem way more doable than I thought!
-Lauren Owens

I spent several hours today in Kindlestown Woods in the company of Courtney of Hips and Haws Wildcrafts on a wild mushroom ID walk, and came away deeply impressed by her generosity in sharing so much knowledge and lore. Her enthusiasm was infectious, and she brought every species we found to life with anecdotes and back-stories. That dozen or so fellow attendees were friendly and sociable and we were blessed with a delightful bright autumn day. We broke up for foraging for a 10 minute “Forest Bathing” mindfulness exercise which left me feeling very up and relaxed. All in all, a super day and I would gladly recommend any similar activity by Hips and Haws to my friends.
-Norman Darlington

I went to a wild plant foraging outing with Hips and Haws Wildcrafts last Friday and I can safely say I am bewitched! It was so so enjoyable. Courtney’s passion for wild plants is so contagious. She makes the whole experience very accessible and so enriching. I also really appreciate how respectful and considerate she is with the wild. I am hooked and will be back for more! Thank you.
-Sophie Rieu

Brilliant day with Courtney she is an amazing person so knowledgeable and interesting. Gourmet healthy food in the sunshine on the beach, it was a gift to be lucky enough to experience. Thank you Courtney you exceeded expectations keep up the great work.
-Emma Strain

What an amazing day today. This is my second course with Courtney and Hips and Haws Wildcrafts and I could not recommend them highly enough, her knowledge and passion is infectious. An amazing amount of information, how to use and fantastic recipes to use at home. Thank you also for the beautiful food prepared, delicious. Love spending time with the wonderful like-minded people on the walk today also. Looking forward to attending more.
-Fiona Byrne

Cannot recommend one of these events enough! Courtney is so knowledgeable and easy-going. I could walk and listen to her talk about plants and mushrooms all day. Even if you think this isn’t your cup of tea- give it a try- I am certain she will change your mind! This is my second event with Hips and Haws Wildcrafts and I can’t wait for the next.
-Julie Taylor

I cannot recommend Courtney’s walk in the woods “Wicklow Spring Greens and Wild Garlic Forage” workshop enough. It was a wonderful experience and what really shown out was Courtney’s passion for passing on her knowledge of the woods. Being a country boy myself I thought I knew a lot about the plants and what they can be used for but I soon learned how little I really knew. How to tap the birches for sap and what was not safe to eat. Of course nettles now take on a whole new life far from being something that stings you but a venerable whole food source in it self. The main purpose of course what the wild garlic growing in abundance. The flowers soaked in vinegar became a dressing and the leaves are added to all sorts. Who would ever think that combining honey with garlic would produce such a wonderful accompaniment for a fresh green salads or pasta. So as you can tell I’ve got the bug from Courtney for all things foraging. I must admit the following day we went back again to collect some more wild garlic. Thank you Courtney for igniting my new found interest in eating what is available in the woods. In the words of Nike “just do it’- foraging with Courtney.
-Brendan Looney

Wow wow wow! Hips and Haws Wildcraft events are a special opportunity to connect with beautiful people in an amazing space. I was fortunate enough to have the privilege to attend a Fly Agaric event hosted by Courtney and Fergus the Forager. From the moment I arrived I felt an instant inspiration and warm welcome. We foraged in the nearby woods in fun filled explorations, while learning and connecting with the many species of fungi available. The preparations and dishes we were treated to after our journey in the woods was a unique blend of heartwarming tastes and enjoyable community spirit set outdoors. For a revitalising experience amongst a vibrant loving group a Hips and Haws event is the place to be.
-Riain O’Táth

I love passionate people. I believe that if you want to try something in your life, it’s best to learn from people who are passionate about it. Last year I started reading a lot about plants herbs and how what we eat has a huge impact on our body spirit and well-being. I remember that as a child, my grandfather often took me on trips to find herbs, nettles, mushrooms, wild fruit and buds and everything that nature gave. Unfortunately, as a child, I wasn’t interested in what was edible or not was not, because that’s what my grandfather was for. Courtney reminded me a lot of the facts and stimulated my desire to learn more about using what is seasonal and at our fingertips, for which I thank you very much and recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more. This woman can infect positive energy. With a person like her you can easily develop your interests. I made wild garlic in olive oil in yoghurt topped salty and sweet pesto and thanks to this activity and knowledge I discovered a new favourite delicacy for my children. I never would’ve thought that nettles crisps could be so crunchy and the vinegar oxymel is perfect for salads and as a side dish. I am glad that I could take part in the classes and it will certainly not be the last time. I love learning new things through interesting classes and these were such. Courtney I know that your classes will be the perfect gift for my friend from me for her next birthday. Learning, practising and relaxing in nature in good company.
-Roksana Grubba

Such a great experience. Courtney has lots of knowledge and is a wonderful guide. The location is immersive and the mushrooms we collected and ate were absolutely delicious! A feast for the senses!
-George Edgeworth

If you have any interest in foraging and mushrooms this is the place for you. Groups are small which helps as you don’t get lost in the crowd. Everyone has the opportunity to explain they’re interested in what they’re looking for on the day. Courtney is such a lovely person with a wealth of knowledge and is not afraid to share it. Happy to help ID and discuss. It was probably the guts of three months ago and I still bang on about this day and how much fun it was. If you’re not it’s like I am it’s perfect for you. If you’re an expert it’s perfect for you too. Thanks Courtney
-Houdini Galahad

Had a great day wondering around Avondale Forest Park, I learnt loads about the types of mushrooms I have no experience with and it’s given me the confidence to go and identify the species with a little more ease.
Courtney is very knowledgeable and an excellent guide and speaker and I would recommend it to anyone who has no experience and would like to start and likewise I would recommend it to anyone who has knowledge and would like to refresh. I will definitely be back.
-Kastro Freeman

What a fantastic day in the woods hunting for mushrooms. Learnt so much in the five hours. And at the end Courtney cooked for us a gorgeous meal and shared with us for home-made brews and food. Thank you so much.
-Nadine Fitzgerald Selby

I went on a very fun and informative mushroom foraging trip with Hips and Haws Wildcrafts in August this year I definitely recommend their foraging trips anyone with an interest in this area. I had a splendid day looking for and learning about mushrooms, both edible another wise.
-Farah Imran Shams

I have had the pleasure of being on a both a mushroom foraging and a fermenting workshop with Hips and Haws Wildcrafts and both have been delightfully informative. Courtney’s passion for what she does fills you with enthusiasm to get pickling and fermenting- highly recommended.
-Clare Griffin

Just after my first class with Courtney and what a day she orchestrated for us, a lovely lunch included. I can’t imagine the work that went on behind the scenes. So happy to share her methods and resources and all things fermented not to mention her fantastic kefir starter. Very excited to continue the strains on at home. This fermentation masterclass was hands-on and Courtney really lives up to her wonderful reputation, so passionate about passing on this knowledge and practice. I can’t wait for my next day out with her.
-Sarah-Lou Malone

Excellent knowledge, clear passion for the subject and warm welcoming approach to passing that knowledge on. And a huge amount of work done behind the scenes to make the day such a wonderful experience. Many thanks Courtney
-Mike Hibbett

The Association of Foragers

I am very honoured and grateful to be a part of this association.

I cannot describe how amazing it feels to have found one’s ‘tribe’ of people and amongst these people I am inspired by and feel a sense of belonging that is very special.

And here is the home page where you’ll get a greater sense of what its about: https://foragers-association.org/

Welcome to Mushroom Hour podcast with Courtney Tyler

“Hello, Welcome to Mushroom Hour”

A podcast in: Peace, positivity and the pursuit of Fungal Abundance.

If you don’t know of this podcast already, and especially Darren’s endearing intro- do yourself a favour and check it out!

Darren and his magnificent man-bun- how could you not love him?

I was honoured and totally freaked out to be invited onto the Welcome To Mushroom Hour Podcast. I’m so pleased I did it, as so many of you from all around the world have reached out to me. It’s wonderful hearing your stories and feedback. I am blown away to have so many of you connecting with me each day- and all of the interesting experiences and thoughts you’ve shared with me.

Take a listen here:


I was gathering my thoughts on the morning of the interview and scribbled up this mind map to consider some of the things that Darren suggested he might like to discuss with me.

My mind map before the Welcome to Mushroom Hour Podcast

Highly recommend that you check out his other episodes- he has interviewed some colleagues and absolute heroes of mine:


Monica Wilde and her year of only wild foods (and more): https://www.welcometomushroomhour.com/blogs/podcasts/ep-104-wild-food-year-mushrooms-herbalism-plant-wisdom-the-inner-universe-feat-monica-wilde

Christopher Hobbs: https://www.welcometomushroomhour.com/blogs/podcasts/ep-94-medicinal-mushrooms-boost-immunity-improve-memory-fight-cancer-stop-infection-expand-your-consciousness-feat-dr-christopher-hobbs

Amanita Dreamer: https://www.welcometomushroomhour.com/blogs/podcasts/ep-88-amanita-dreamer-piercing-the-veil-on-entheogenic-uses-of-amanita-muscaria-feat-amanita-dreamer

Robin Harford of Eat Weeds: https://www.welcometomushroomhour.com/blogs/podcasts/ep-83-eat-weeds-wild-plant-contemplations-healing-with-foraging-perspectives-in-ethnobotany-feat-robin-harford

Suzanne Simard Author of Finding the Mother Tree: https://www.welcometomushroomhour.com/blogs/podcasts/ep-80-finding-the-mother-tree-discovering-the-wisdom-of-the-forest-feat-prof-suzanne-simard

Tradd Cotter: https://www.welcometomushroomhour.com/blogs/podcasts/ep-69-mushroom-mountain-change-the-world-with-fungi-think-like-a-mushroom-feat-tradd-cotter

Ep. 61: Fly Agaric – A Compendium of History, Pharmacology, Mythology, & Exploration (feat. Kevin Feeney PhD): https://www.welcometomushroomhour.com/blogs/podcasts/ep-61-fly-agaric-a-compendium-of-history-pharmacology-mythology-exploration-feat-kevin-feeney-phd

Ep. 50: Return to Nature – Herbalism, Rewilding & Overgrowing the System (feat. Dan De Lion): https://www.welcometomushroomhour.com/blogs/podcasts/ep-50-return-to-nature-herbalism-rewilding-overgrowing-the-system-feat-dan-de-lion

Ep. 44: Medicinal Mushrooms – The Human Clinical Trials (feat. Robert Rogers): https://www.welcometomushroomhour.com/blogs/podcasts/ep-44-medicinal-mushrooms-the-human-clinical-trials-feat-robert-rogers

Ep. 42: Red Glasses – England’s Godfather of Mushrooms and Worldwide Forager (feat. Roger Phillips): https://www.welcometomushroomhour.com/blogs/podcasts/ep-42-red-glasses-englands-godfather-of-mushrooms-and-worldwide-forager-feat-roger-phillips

Ep. 26: Entangled Life – How Fungi Make Our Worlds, Change Our Minds & Shape Our Futures (feat. Merlin Sheldrake): https://www.welcometomushroomhour.com/blogs/podcasts/ep-26-entangled-life-how-fungi-make-our-worlds-change-our-minds-shape-our-futures-feat-merlin-sheldrake

One of my favourite artists and do yourself a favour and follow her magical posts on Instagram: Ep. 25: Sweden’s Legends, Myths, Magicks and Mushrooms (feat. Saga Mariah Sandberg): https://www.welcometomushroomhour.com/blogs/podcasts/ep-25-swedens-legends-myths-magicks-and-mushrooms-feat-saga-mariah-sandberg

Ep. 16: Scotland’s Wild Food Stories – Pioneering Research on the Culture of Foraging (feat. Leanne Townsend): https://www.welcometomushroomhour.com/blogs/podcasts/ep-16-scotlands-wild-food-stories-pioneering-research-on-the-culture-of-foraging-feat-leanne-townsend

Ep. 5: Wild Food Foraging & English Folklore with a Freudian Twist (feat. Fern Freud): https://www.welcometomushroomhour.com/blogs/podcasts/ep-5-wild-food-foraging-english-folklore-with-a-freudian-twist-feat-fern-freud

Ep. 41: Edulis Wild Foods – Foraging Mushrooms and Restoring Vital Connection in the UK Isles (feat. Lisa Cutcliffe): https://www.welcometomushroomhour.com/blogs/podcasts/ep-41-edulis-wild-foods-foraging-mushrooms-and-restoring-vital-connection-in-the-uk-isles-feat-lisa-cutcliffe