Fly Agaric Medicinal Mushroom Workshops

(the photo above is by Annie Holland Photography)

There are a couple of variations on this workshop where we explore the food, magic, and medicine of this alluring and distinctive mushroom.

One is a full 11 hour day event with myself and wild food experimentalist, personality and expert forager Fergus Drennan:

We will spend the day in celebration of the Irish local terroir through ceremony and wild food and learning about the folklore, mystique and magic of the Fly Agaric mushroom in particular, along with whatever other wild food we find on the day. This day culminates in an elaborate wild food feast with fire, feast, and ceremony.

The other events are in a 4.5 hour workshop format and are hosted and taught by myself. In this workshop we dispel the myths and misinformation and learn the facts about how to use this powerful (toxic) mushroom as a safe (detoxified) delicious food, how to create a mushroom extract that can be used externally as an effective pain relief and celebrate the beauty and mythology of this fungus.

View more information and to book your place at these links:

24 September 2022 Wicklow, Ireland

5 November 2022

12 OR 13 November 2022

This event in Ireland has 2 dates available: The Thursday 29 September 2022 and the following Sunday 2 OCtober 2022 – the link to book the second one is here: