Herbalism is the practice of use of plants for medicinal purposes and the study of such use.

Herbal medicine is people’s medicine.

I have acquired my knowledge of herbs and their medicinal properties through apprenticeships with other herbalists and self study. I believe this knowledge should be freely available to those to whom it interests.

I will use this website as my little part of the web to store and collect the information I learn and to share with you my experiences.

I teach small intimate workshops on folk herbalism and cover such topics as:

  • How to grow or wild craft herbs
  • How to identify wild medicinal herbs around us
  • How to dry or preserve herbs and store them
  • How to make tinctures, herbal vinegars, herbal honeys, oxymels, etc.
  • How to make infused oils
  • How to make creams, lotions, balms and salves
  • How to incorporate herbs into your everyday life
  • Making your own cosmetics, soaps, creams, toners, shampoos, etc.

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