Interested in learning to delve into the daunting world of foraging for wild mushrooms? There is a fantastic array of wild fungi in County Wicklow. I invite you for a day spent in the wild Wicklow hills and woodlands and hedgerows to forage for mushrooms and wild food with me. We will learn how to identify and look out for toxic mushroom species and also discuss the medicinal qualities of mushrooms. I am so excited to share what I have learned with you.

In some of my events we will find a selection of edible species that we will cook up and taste together at the end of the day. In other events we might wildcraft our finds into a preserved food or medicine.

About me: I am Courtney Tyler. I live in County Wicklow, happiest surrounded by trees and observing the changing seasons.  I am a keen forager and spend much time wandering the hedgerows and forests for wild local food to preserve as food or medicine or to add to my fermented food and drinks. I am a proud member of the Association of Foragers. I am not a mushroom expert nor a mycologist. However I have safely foraged for and consumed about 75 wild mushrooms as food or medicine. I can identify many toxic or deadly fungi and show you what to be careful of. I have processed wild or cultivated mushrooms into herbal tinctures, teas and salves. I am passionate about the learning process and am able to clearly communicate what i know and the passion I feel for the hard won knowledge and experience that I have acquired. I tend to dive head-long into the things that interest me and I am largely self-taught, however I also have had many teachers and many who inspire me greatly. It is not unusual for me to fall asleep each night with a mushroom book in hand.

There are 2 formats to my mushroom foraging events:

One is aimed at absolute beginners and runs for 2 hours. We will discuss the main ID features that we need to observe when we look at a new mushroom. Our aim for the day will be to find an edible, a medicinal and a toxic mushroom and we will discuss the features of the mushrooms we come across. We will discuss some of the safest edible mushrooms to start foraging for. A short forest bathing/ mindfulness activity will take place in the forest too, to help us connect in to what’s around us and to help slow down and observe. The cost for these is from €25-35 (early bird- full price). Full notes are emailed after the event with a generous selection of book recommendations, websites, films, videos, recipes and useful links.

The other format is a longer event and it generally runs from 1100-1530. It is also aimed at beginners or those who only forage for a couple of wild mushrooms. We meet in a Wicklow or Dublin forest and spend some time discussing the key ID features of mushrooms, discuss helpful books, spend a couple of hours wandering the forest, foraging for wild fungi, enjoy our packed lunches in the wild, followed by some forest bathing/ mindfulness and finish with a few tasters or wildcrafting our finds into a preserved food or medicine to bring home. The pricing for this is €65-85 (early bird-full price). Early booking is advised as most of my events book out by the time they come around.

All events will be limited to a group size in line with social distancing guidelines.

You must dress appropriately for a day spent outdoors, hiking boots are helpful. Sorry for these event no children or dogs. You must be physically fit for a day spent wandering the wilderness with hills and uneven ground. Please bring a packed lunch and snacks. And a foraging basket (if you have one).

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Here’s another podcast with me speaking about this incredible mushroom with Manchan Magan on RTE

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