Medicinal Mushrooms Intensive Workshop

Intensive Medicinal Mushrooms Workshops launched in 2022 in the Wicklow Mountains. A collaboration between Courtney Tyler and Michael White.

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There will be various date options throughout 2022.

FYI: This course was created as a collaboration between Courtney Tyler and Michael White but this workshop will be run by Courtney only this time. Find Michael at: Rural Courses to follow his other offerings. Hopefully we will release more events dates soon with Michael in Ireland, such as hedgerow wines, home brews, charcuterie, etc!

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Join us in this medicinal mushroom full day workshop for a fascinating exploration into the diverse and mysterious world of fungi! Together we will explore the many ways that you can incorporate mushrooms into your life as various medicinal preparations and as delicious food. 

We will: 

-Study and learn about 10 species of medicinal mushrooms, half of which grow wild in abundance around us in Ireland/ UK. Some samples will be on hand to see/ touch/ smell and taste.

-We will learn about their health benefits and immuno-modulating properties, including links and references to scientific studies.  

Learn how to identify them, their habitat, their physical properties. We will learn about how to safely dry or preserve mushrooms to keep their properties intact, or indeed how to enhance or harness their properties, such as providing us with a bio-available form of Vitamin D and other minerals, vitamins and antioxidants.  

Medicinal Mushroom preparation– We will discuss and demo how to make an aqueous extract, alcohol extract, alcohol-free glycerin extract and the benefits of these vs how and when to combine these for a dual or full-spectrum mushroom extract. We will discuss when there may be contraindications for use.

-Learn how and why mushrooms offer powerful nutrition and learn some delicious recipes and easy ways to bring mushrooms into your diet and wellness routine. Special preparation consideration for enhancing nutritive value and to safely use and consume wild fungi. We will discuss some different cooking methods and a variety of food preparations including: drinks, desserts, mushroom jerky, gomasio/ food condiments, pickles, mushroom fermentation, etc.  

How and where to source medicinal mushrooms: which mushrooms are possible to forage from the wild and which fungi are easier to cultivate and some resources about how to do this. We will share some reputable sources and how to choose good quality mushroom products. We will learn about how to distinguish from a fruiting body and mycelium and their respective medicinal properties.   

You will be provided with a recommended reading list and extensive notes and you will go home with a medicinal mushroom preparation made together on the day. 

Medicinal mushrooms drinks, tasters and a healthy lunch will be provided on the day.   

There will be some dried mushrooms and dual-extract tinctures available on the day to purchase, should you like to.


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