Wild Chaga Mushroom- Medicinal Mushrooms




This listing is for 100gram of Wild Chaga chunks. Chaga is the common name for the fungus Inonotus obliquus. The product I am selling is wild and not cultivated. You can purchase by the 100gram so add as many as you would like to the cart, should you like a larger amount.

Chaga mushroom. This mushroom is highly regarded to have medicinal qualities. Please do your own research about these claims.
I love to powder this mushroom and decoct it as a “mushroom coffee“ I drink it brewed dark and bitter and add milk of choice and maybe some honey. I often add other medicinal mushrooms such as turkey tail, birch polypore, reishi, etc. It can be re-boiled many many times before it’s been exhausted.
This mushroom grows wild on birch trees. This has not been cultivated (although it can be, but I prefer to source wild chaga as I believe it has more medicinal compounds such as betulin, from the birch tree, among other components).
You can make a double extract tincture or add it to homemade skin creams, drink as a tea or ‘coffee’ or add to sauces or soup stocks.
€12 per 100 gram/ in chunk form. €12 minimum per order. As each chunk is different sizes and weights do tell me how much you’d like to spend I’ll get it as close as possible.
€5 flat rate shipping throughout Ireland up to 20kg. €8 flat rate shipping to UK up to 5kg. €10 flat rate to the USA and Canada. Ask for shipping quotes if you’re elsewhere.