Michael White of Rural Courses

We are lucky to have enticed Michael to spend some more time on the emerald isles. Heโ€™s going to be launching more of his workshops in Ireland. Iโ€™ve attended many of his workshops and can report that I find his teaching manner really professional, friendly, thorough and he shares his lifetime of experience in all things self-sufficiency.

We have just launched our 5th and 6th Medicinal Mushroom Intensive Workshops together and one in late October in the UK. Michael will teach some autumnal forages in Wild Food and Fungi and hopefully a Hedgerow Wild Wine Course soon. And more of his offerings will launch in Ireland in 2023.

Click here to view and book any of Michaelโ€™s upcoming workshops: https://ruralcourses.clr.events/

Rural Courses website is: https://www.ruralcourses.co.uk/